We will support you in planning your project

Benefit from our extensive product knowledge to equip your media/conference room or your home cinema room. We also provide competent advice for large scale projects for the public sector or the business sector. A dedicated person will develop a solution to suit your requirements. Advice and recommendations as well as quotations are free of charge. We love a challenge. Put us to the test and contact us.

Conference room

Each conference room has its specific requirements. It is not always possible to darken the meeting room so an appropriate projector solution for a brighter environment has to be identified. We can recommend a projector for very short distances as well as extremely large rooms. We try and ensure that we recommend the right projector suitable for your application.

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Home cinema room

To guarantee a perfect home cinema experience requires perfect planning. With so many home cinema projectors on the market, it is not easy to identify which projector best suits your needs. We will help you to make the right choice for your specific situation. A room dedicated to home cinema has different requirements than a living room. Please contact us for advice.

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Hospitality sector

Specific requirements require special attention. Not every projector is suitable for use in a bar or restaurant. Benefit from our experience and invest in the equipment that suits your locality. Offer your guests more entertainment and your local receives more guests!

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Students are at the centre of the learning event. Modern technology does not change that but makes the lessons more interactive and intuitive. It is our aim to recommend devices that are easy to use. The projectors designed for the school environment should be sturdy and protect against vandalism. We are here to help you choose the right equipment – a step towards a modern and interactive lesson design.

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