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LED Walls - The perfect advertising space

LED Walls are the perfect advertising space for your company. Hardly any other medium surpasses LED walls in terms of advertising impact.


Because of their imposing size, they always stand out. The contents are not overlooked. This also applies to information. Wherever large crowds need to be provided with information, an LED Wall is the perfect medium.

Whether in a department store, airport terminal or any other large indoor or outdoor location, the planning and installation of LED Walls should definitely be done by an expert. They can determine the optimal pixel spacing and the necessary brightness of the LED Wall as well as the LED Wall size suitable for the respective location.

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LED Wall Solutions

We offer the following LED Wall solutions for locations of any size. 


LED Walls for department stores or terminals

  • well suited for large to very large locations
  • Image widths of several metres can be realised
  • easy replacement of LED cabinets for trouble-free service
  • insensitive to artificial light and daylight
  • Realisable colour fidelity in studio quality
Icon Pixel Pitch

Pixel Pitch

The pixel pitch indicates the distance between the individual LEDs that create a pixel. LED walls that are mounted close to the viewer, for example at eye level in a department store, require a fine pixel pitch (1.5 mm) for excellent image sharpness. LED walls that are placed above the heads of visitors in a shopping mall and are further away from the viewer require a smaller pixel pitch (2.5 mm).
Icon resolution

Image resolution

LED walls with a normal resolution are in the Full HD range. High-resolution versions already offer 4K display. However, since the total resolution depends on the number of cabinets, you can realise different image sizes with various resolutions within the scope of the supported scalers.
Icon tool


The LED Wall is mounted on the wall using the brackets supplied. They are plugged or screwed in and the individual cabinets are hooked in later.

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Expert Tip:

The majority of LED Walls are designed for indoor use. The wall should therefore be installed in a covered area with normal room temperatures. There are special LED walls for outdoor use. Ask our experts about this.
Tobias Berg and Oliver Stenzel - contact persons in Purchasing and Sales - write on glass pane

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