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The best projectors for home cinema and business in 2024

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These are the best projectors of 2024. Our projector experts have tested the best projectors and compiled them into clear top 5 lists to help you find the right one before you buy. This projector test will help you quickly find the right projector for your home cinema, school or business. Affordable top devices and brand new features from brand manufacturers such as Epson, Acer, BenQ and many more are waiting for you!

The best projectors under 500 euros

Cheap branded projectors: do they exist? Really! Bargains under 500 euros, depending on the model, already with HD picture resolution, 3D and/or numerous other features.

The best projectors under 1,000 euros

Projector under 1,000 euros with Full HD picture quality and gaming features. Top quality for both home cinema and extended video game sessions.

The best home cinema projectors 2024

Here are our home cinema winners with lens shift, Full HD intermediate image calculation and good optical zoom. 4K UHD is also included.

The best business projectors 2024

These projectors have all the features that make a business projector: high mobility, good image resolution or WLAN capability. Some with Miracast and MHL features.

The best school projectors 2024

These school projectors ensure effective lesson organisation. Bright projectors with high image resolution, numerous connections from VGA to HDMI and DisplayPort.

The best HD projectors 2024

A good home cinema starter with FullHD or WXGA resolution and multimedia features. Suitable for 16:9 and 16:10 picture formats. And they are just as suitable for football fans.

The best 4K projectors 2024

4K projectors offer phenomenal picture quality: four times the Full HD resolution paired with HDR turn any living room into a real high-end home cinema.

The best short-distance projectors 2024

Projecting from the shortest distance: This is possible with the short-throw projectors. This space-saving solution is ideal for both classrooms and home cinemas .

Projector test

In the field of consumer electronics, the majority of devices are nowadays tested by many different specialist magazines or institutions. These tests allow consumers to get a better idea of the products, their quality or their features.

TV tests, for example, are the most widespread, but in the home cinema segment, projector tests are also increasingly common. This is because seeing a projector live in action is usually much more difficult than with a TV, as electrical stores are much more widely spread than specialist retailers for home cinema equipment.

White projector with remote control

In a projector test, it is primarily the image quality that matters, as this is one of the main characteristics of a projector. Of course, there are also many other points that should be tested and scrutinised in a projector test. In addition to image quality, aspects such as light output, noise development and workmanship are also on the agenda. In order to keep the test as neutral as possible, it should always be carried out under the same conditions. This applies to both the test material and the test environment in which the tests are carried out.


When testing a projector, the room should be completely darkened if possible so that no light disturbs the projection or the result on the screen. This also applies to the walls, ceiling and floors. If possible, they should be dark and not create any reflections.

The test for the operating noise should havecomparable requirements, only in acoustic terms. The room should be designed in such a way that no noise from outside enters the room during the projector test and distorts the result. It therefore makes sense to insulate the room against noise. The microphone should also always be at the same distance from the fan outlet so that there is always the same basis.

In addition to the measurable values, the characteristics of the tester also play a role in the projector test. The human eye perceives differences that a camera would not be able to recognise, especially in the case of subtle image differences. The same applies to hearing. We often perceive subliminal sounds that a microphone would not be able to identify.

In addition to the characteristics of the device, other features are also included in a projector test. For example, the price of replacement lamps or power consumption can also play a role. Replacement lamp prices in particular often play an important role, both in tests of home cinema projectors and business devices. In this case, the purchase price is not the only cost factor, as the lamps need to be replaced after a few thousand hours. This is only not the case with LED projectors.


Projector buying advice

Filled with the most important information about buying a projector: technology, features, installation and much more explained in an understandable way.

Connecting the projector correctly

Connecting a projector is not rocket science. This guide will make it all the easier.

Canvas buying advice

Projectors and screens are team players. We explain what role a good projector screen plays in a team with a projector.

Projection area calculator

Simply a practical tool for calculating the projection distance and the projection size. Try it out!
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