We are pleased to present the celexon Rollo Green Screen series, which is perfectly tailored to the needs of private customers, business customers and public institutions such as schools. Discover the many benefits these professional studio backdrops offer! The celexon Rollo Green Screen series gives you the opportunity to produce your own broadcasts and video content materials at a professional level. With the high-quality screen, you create a seamless and smooth studio backdrop that gives your recordings an impressive precision and professionalism.

celexon Rollo Green Screens are available in a variety of sizes and dimensions to suit your individual requirements. Whether you need a compact solution for your home office or are looking for a larger version for conference rooms or events - we have the right size for you! The screens in the celexon Rollo Green Screen series use high-quality materials that ensure optimum colour reproduction and a reflection-free experience. The special coating ensures that you get an even background surface on which you can easily add or edit digital content.

Operating the celexon Rollo Green Screen projection screen is child's play. Thanks to the practical roll-up mechanism, you can effortlessly roll up and unroll the screen. This saves you valuable time and allows you to concentrate fully on your productions. We also offer a comprehensive installation and delivery service to make your entry into the world of professional video content as easy as possible

The areas of application for the celexon Rollo Green Screen series are diverse. Private customers can create their own videos and live streams and give free rein to their creativity. Business customers benefit from the possibility of holding professional presentations and training sessions. Schools and public institutions can use the screens to develop appealing learning materials and interactive projects. In addition to the celexon Rollo Green Screen series, we also offer an extensive range of accessories that are perfectly matched to the screens. Discover matching mounts, lighting options and much more to perfectly complement your studio equipment.

The celexon Rollo Green Screen series opens up numerous possibilities for you to produce professional broadcasts and video content material. Thanks to the simple operation, the diverse size options and the high-quality materials, you will be thrilled with these screens. Visit visunext.co.uk and bring your creative ideas to life!