Experience an unparalleled home cinema experience with celexon's HomeCinema Plus series high contrast floor scissors. Immerse yourself in a world of impressive images and captivating films with vivid colours and breathtaking detail. Discover the benefits of this innovative projection solution designed specifically for the private home cinema owner.

The celexon High Contrast Screen HomeCinema Plus Series offers you a premium ultra-short throw projection screen with a size option of 100-120 inches. Thanks to the Tension rope tensioning system, the screen is perfectly stretched and guarantees a smooth and wrinkle-free projection surface. Immerse yourself in razor-sharp images and enjoy a cinema-quality visual experience.

Using a high-contrast floor scissor screen in your home cinema offers you numerous advantages. Experience stunning picture quality with vivid colours, deep blacks and high contrast. Ultra-short throw projection means you don't need to be far away from the screen, which saves space and allows for flexible set-up.
The celexon HomeCinema Plus screen not only impresses with its outstanding image quality, but also with practical features. The Tension cable tensioning system ensures the screen is perfectly flat, while the robust construction stands for durability and stability. Take advantage of our installation service for easy installation and our delivery service for convenient shopping.

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