Discover the outstanding quality and performance of the celexon Motor tension HomeCinema series, specially developed for private customers with home cinema. Immerse yourself in a breathtaking visual experience and enjoy films, series and games in the highest picture quality. The motorised screen with tension system impresses with its innovative technology and outstanding features.

Thanks to the worm winding shaft and the rope tensioning system, the screen is optimally tensioned and offers a crease and wrinkle-free image. The Tension System guarantees perfect flatness and ensures even image projection. With the 16:9 format, you can experience films in cinema format and enjoy an impressive presentation.

The use of an electric Tension screen in home cinema offers numerous advantages. The simple operation allows you to extend and retract the screen conveniently at the touch of a button. Wall or ceiling mounting saves space and creates an aesthetic ambience in your home cinema. The first-class workmanship with a robust worm-wound shaft and high-quality fabric ensures long-lasting use
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The celexon Motor tension HomeCinema series offers private customers with home cinema an outstanding visual experience. With its innovative technology, tension system and 16:9 format, it enables crease and wrinkle-free image projection. Easy operation, space saving and high-quality workmanship are further convincing advantages. Discover the diverse products and accessories of the celexon Motor tension HomeCinema series in our online shop now and transform your home cinema into a true cinematic experience.