Discover the fascinating world of home cinema with the DELUXX Advanced Slowmotion series - a groundbreaking innovation in the world of screens! As a leading online shop for audio and visual products, we are proud to offer you these revolutionary screens that provide an impressive visual experience for private customers, business customers as well as public institutions such as schools.

What makes the DELUXX Advanced Slowmotion screens so special? Well, they feature a patented slow-return mechanism that allows for a smooth and controlled roll-in. This prevents the screen from annoyingly jamming or falling down, making it particularly durable and safe. The high-quality material and precise workmanship ensure razor-sharp image quality and a smooth projection surface where every detail comes to life

How does the Slowmotion technology work on the screens of the DELUXX Advanced Slowmotion series? It's simple: the special mechanism allows the screen to slide down slowly and in a controlled manner when you lower it. This makes for a smooth and elegant presentation that takes your films, presentations or slide shows to a new level. The slow-return mechanism also guarantees an effortless and reliable retraction of the screen after use
The advantages of the DELUXX Advanced Slowmotion series screens over conventional screens are convincing. Not only do you get a first-class product with outstanding quality, but also our first-class installation and delivery service. Our team of experienced technicians are on hand to install your screen and ensure that you can enjoy your home cinema experience without fuss. In addition, we offer fast and reliable delivery directly to your home

To complement the DELUXX Advanced Slowmotion series screens, we also offer matching accessories to optimise your home cinema experience. From projector mounts to high-quality connection cables, we have everything you need to get the most out of your Slowmotion screen.

Overall, the DELUXX Advanced Slowmotion Series offers revolutionary technology, stunning picture quality and premium user experience. Whether you're a private customer craving a stunning home cinema, a business customer in need of professional presentations, or a public institution like a school looking for a stunning visual display for educational purposes, the DELUXX Advanced Slowmotion series screens offer you the perfect solution