Welcome to visunext.co.uk, your expert for high-quality audio and visual products. If you are a private customer with a home cinema, then we have just the thing for you: the DELUXX Cinema Darkvision Tensioned series. Immerse yourself in a world of breathtaking picture quality and experience your home cinema in a new dimension. 

What is DELUXX Cinema Darkvision? DELUXX Cinema Darkvision is a groundbreaking series of projection screens designed specifically for discerning home cinema owners. With their Darkvision technology, these screens offer maximum black levels and deliver stunning images in 8K resolution. Immerse yourself in vivid colours and the finest details that take your home cinema experience to a new level. 

What are the benefits of the Darkvision projection screen? The Darkvision projection screen from DELUXX Cinema offers a variety of benefits that optimise your home cinema experience. With a generous 120° viewing angle, you can be sure that every seat in your home cinema has the best view of the screen. Whether you're enjoying action-packed movies, thrilling sports broadcasts or your favourite series, you'll be blown away by the picture quality and immersive experience. 

How does Darkvision technology work? Darkvision technology is based on an advanced tensioning system that ensures a perfectly smooth screen surface. This reflects light evenly and achieves maximum black levels. Even in dark environments, clear and high-contrast images are created that will delight your eyes. The Darkvision projection screen from DELUXX Cinema is the ideal choice for home cinema owners looking for the highest level of image quality and realism.
Discover the variety of the DELUXX Cinema Darkvision Tensioned series: In our online shop you will find a wide selection of products from the DELUXX Cinema Darkvision Tensioned series to suit your individual needs. From different size options to matching accessories that optimise the performance of your screen, we offer everything you need for a perfect home cinema experience. 

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The DELUXX Cinema Darkvision Tensioned series offers the ultimate home cinema experience with Darkvision technology, maximum black levels and generous viewing angles. The smooth screen surface and impressive 8K resolution ensure clear and high-contrast images. At visunext.co.uk you will find a diverse selection of products from the DELUXX Cinema Darkvision Tensioned series, tailor-made for individual requirements. Our installation and delivery service enables a quick and uncomplicated realisation of the home cinema experience. Bring the cinema experience directly into your living room and discover the advantages of the DELUXX Cinema Darkvision Tensioned series at visunext.de.