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In our digitalised world, the output medium of the data, i.e. the monitor or display, is becoming increasingly important. Since we spend many hours a day in front of the monitor, it is important to be able to adjust it properly in order to comfortably work on it. This is also the case with an interactive display. Here you can find out what to look for when buying a monitor mount or display mount.

What should I look for in a display or monitor holder?

There are a few points that are crucial when choosing a monitor mount or display mount. Depending on the size, the type of mounting is also crucial. Here you can find out what to look for when buying a monitor mount.

Monitor or display - for which device do I need the holder?

The first thing to decide is whether you want a monitor mount or a display mount. This can be decided on the basis of the device used. A conventional monitor is between 18 and 30 inches and a monitor mount is ideal for this. For displays over 30 inches, a display mount is recommended. Otherwise, of course, you can find out from the product descriptions which size the mount is suitable for.


Note: The display size is the first step in choosing between a display or monitor mount!

Monitor oder Display?

What types of mounting are there?

Welche Montagearten gibt es?

The second step is to consider where the screen mount will be installed. Will it be placed on the desk? Is a floor solution desired? Is the display to be installed on the wall? Or will the monitor be hung from the ceiling? There are many different ways to use a monitor mount.


Monitor wall mount

The display installation on the wall is one of the most commonly used types of mounting. The display wall mount is either rigid or mounted on an arm to the wall and ensures a secure hold. The monitor wall mount also offers a space-saving installation option. When using it, it is important to ensure that the wall on which the display is mounted can support its weight. It is not recommended to mount a display wall bracket on a lightweight wall!


Display stand

Another mounting option is a display stand. It allows free placement in the room. The display stand is available in different versions, you will find simple, static systems that leave the display at a certain height or height-adjustable display stands that allow the display to be raised and lowered. This allows you to adapt the display stand to the size of the user.

Tip: The Chief PRSU mobile display stand offers excellent installation possibilities for displays weighing up to 90.7 kg. It can be set up in a very short time and thus offers excellent conditions for use at the point of sale or other areas where the display will not remain permanently. Watch the following video to get an impression of the easy set-up!

In addition to a fixed display stand, you can also use mobile display stands. They are often called display trolleys. Thanks to the castors on the underside, it offers the necessary mobility to move it from one room to another. This makes the display trolley an optimal mobile solution.


Monitor table mount

In the sector of monitor table mounts, there are two different types into which the table mounts are divided - arms and stands. The so-called monitor arm is screwed to the table and thus takes up less space on the table itself. Monitor arms are available for one or more monitors. The second option is the classic monitor table stand, comparable to the stand that usually comes with the monitor itself. However, the monitor table stands are often much more flexible than the bundled monitor stand, which makes it possible to workin the best possible way with your monitor.


Display ceiling mount

If there are no installation options on the wall or floor, the ceiling is usually the only option left! For this purpose, you will find display ceiling mounts. The display ceiling mount is screwed to the concrete ceiling to provide the necessary support. They offer adjustment options for the inclination or height. The monitor ceiling mount is often used in public areas such as exhibition halls, reception areas or airports, as the floor space must be available for visitors. Due to the ceiling mounting, the displays do not get in the way.


Features of a display or monitor mount

A display or monitor mount offers various features that you should consider when choosing the right mount. Which VESA standard do I need? What size display does the mount hold? Or in which direction can the monitor mount be moved? These and other questions can be answered via the features of the mount and provide you with practical help when choosing the right display mount.

Which VESA standard does the screen offer?

VESA Normen

A simple guide for choosing a monitor mount is the VESA standard. Monitor manufacturers indicate on their devices which VESA standard is supported. This is also the case for a mounting bracket. If the VESA standard fits, you can install the monitor on the bracket. Normally, the load-bearing capacity of the monitor mount is sufficient for the specified VESA standard.


Note: The VESA standard is also suitable for choosing a monitor mount!

Chief Mount Finder

Chief Mount Finder

To ensure that you always find the right Chief mount for your display, the manufacturer has created a practical "mount finder" that offers a choice of all popular displays and shows you the compatible Chief display mounts!

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What is the size of the display used?

Another point you can consider when choosing a display mount is the size of the display. In this case, this is more of a selection criterion for displays than for monitors. Monitors tend to rely more on the VESA standard, which is often neglected for displays. What counts here is the inch specification of the display. A mount for an 84 inch display offers the necessary load-bearing capacity for a display of this size in addition to the fact that the holes on the display are reached.


Note: If you buy a display bracket with the right inch specification for your display, you can usually be sure that it will also bear the weight.


What adjustment options should the bracket offer?

What adjustment options should the bracket offer?


Whether you are looking for a display mount or a monitor mount, the mobility of the mount may be crucial. Can the mount be tilted, can it be swivelled, can it be extended or is it rigid? Depending on the intended use and mounting, the choice of such a feature is necessary. Display mounts with many joints that allow such movement are usually in a higher price range than a mount that hangs rigidly on the wall.


Note: Before buying, consider whether the display or monitor should hang rigidly on the wall or whether a tilt or rotation is necessary.


How many screens are to be mounted on the bracket?

In addition to mounts on which only one display can be installed, today you will find some mounts on which several displays or monitors can be installed. This feature is often used in control rooms or banks in the area of monitor mounts. In the case of a display bracket, this feature is common in the digital signage segment. The possible number of screens that can be mounted is given by the manufacturer with more detailed specifications.


Note: Before purchasing, consider how many monitors or displays are to be mounted on the bracket.

Anzahl Displays

Why buy a Chief mount?

Halterung montieren


Chief display mounts offer intuitive operation in addition to excellent workmanship. They are quick and easy to install, saving time and money. Chief mounts enjoy an excellent reputation among installers and AV technicians in particular. In addition to easy mounting, they also offer easy accessibility, especially for video walls. This has a positive effect on the handling of the displays, which in turn makes work easier for the installer.


Chief's own claim is to offer its customers an excellent range of services through innovation and quality, which is constantly being improved through customer inspiration.
A good example is the Chief MountFinder. With it, you can find the right mount for your display in no time at all. However, Chief has other tools in its portfolio. The Fusion Multi-Display Configurator helps you choose the right multi-display mount. So if you are in the process of configuring a video wall or a multi-display installation, the tool will help you immediately.


If you haven't found the right display mount yet, we'll be happy to help!


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