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The best monitors 2024 - top devices in comparison!

Best lists from the expert

Monitor Test - Best Lists from the Expert

Here you will find the best monitors. To give you a better overview, we have divided our test devices into different areas of application and price classes. After a detailed comparison, we have compiled the best monitors into clear top 5 lists. With this PC monitor test, you will find your ideal monitor - whether for gaming, office, in the best 4K resolution or for your ergonomic workplace!


The best monitors for more ergonomics at the desk

If you spend a lot of time at your desk at work or in your private life, you need an ergonomic monitor in addition to a height-adjustable desk. This way you can protect your back and neck, among other things. Therefore, when buying, look for a flexible stand so that you can adjust the monitor individually to your sitting and standing height as well as to your viewing angle.

The best office monitors for your office

A high-quality office monitor must meet many criteria. In addition to good monitor brightness and an appropriate resolution, ergonomic factors such as height adjustability and tiltability are crucial for healthy working.

The best gaming monitors for ultimate gaming

Good gaming monitors are characterised above all by the lowest possible response time and a high refresh rate in the range between 144 Hz and 165 Hz. The most common sizes for gamers are 27-inch and 24-inch monitors.

The best 4K monitors for terrific resolution

A 4K Ultra-HD resolution for monitors is a must for many areas of application! Especially when graphical content is displayed or edited, the significant increase in image sharpness helps. Furthermore, 4K monitors are very popular with gamers because they display games more realistically.

The best 21:9 Ultrawide monitors

An Ultrawide monitor offers you a 21:9 aspect ratio, which opens up completely new display possibilities. Use one monitor instead of 2 side-by-side screens, without a distracting frame in the middle.

Optimal monitor mounts for your needs


Monitor mounts are usually used when you either want to place several monitors on your desk or your monitor cannot be adjusted ergonomically. Many mounts offer the height adjustment function, so that they can be set up in an ideal way that is easy on the back.

Our product recommendations for the optimal monitor accessories

Monitors - the most frequently asked questions

Monitors are part of every standard equipment in the office, in gaming rooms and in the private study. Due to the many features and functions of the various monitors, questions often arise.

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