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Soon without 3D glasses?

Developments in 3D cinema

When the first 3D films were shown in cinemas, 3D glasses were still a cool accessory. Today, if you want to comfortably watch a three-dimensional blockbuster in your own living room or at the cinema, the glasses are rather annoying. They are a problem especially for people who wear glasses, and for other viewers they even cause headaches - and no one really needs that during a relaxed evening at the cinema. But watch out: 3D glasses could soon be a thing of the past and find their way into the dustbin!

Because the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) is working together with the Israeli Weizmann Institute of Science and Saarland University on a display that will enable 3D enjoyment without glasses.

Cinema 3D technology

The keyword for the method the research team is using to develop the project under the name "Cinema 3D" is autostereoscopy. In this method of displaying three-dimensional images, two images are displayed simultaneously.

So-called parallax barriers (slanted strip masks or lenticulars) ensure that the light from the individual pixels is directed in different directions. In this way, the viewer sees a different view of the scene with each eye. Aids such as 3D glasses are no longer necessary with this technology.

Until now, stand-alone 3D formats were only available for televisions, but could not be used for cinemas and thus for multiple viewers. To make this method now work on the big cinema screen, the team relies on multiple parallax barriers and uses additional mirrors and lenses. This way, the viewer gets the right view of the scene, no matter from which seat in the auditorium.

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A look into the future

So far, however, there is only a prototype, which still requires some further testing. Whether and when Cinema 3D will be available and whether it will eventually be affordable for cinema operators remains unclear. In any case, the technology behind the prototype sounds interesting. We are curious! Cinema 3D - The future of 3D cinema?

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