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Digital product presentation in the shop window

In the digital age, posters and mannequins are becoming less and less of an advertising medium. Therefore, the question of how best to present the products in the shop window arises more and more frequently.


Digital signage displays are best suited for this purpose. Depending on the size of the shop window and the type of products presented, displays of different sizes can be used. The brightness should be at least 700 cm/m² for the displays with larger image diagonals. However, we recommend high-brightness displays with at least 1,000 cd/m². These displays show an easily recognisable and high-contrast image even in direct sunlight.


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Solutions for shop windows

We offer the following solution variants for shop windows. We take care of the planning, selection and the entire installation of the devices for you.


Displays for large advertising spaces

  • High-brightness displays from 700 cd/m² or more
  • Display sizes up to 85" for large advertising spaces
  • Simple positioning in the shop window thanks to optional feet
Icon Sun/ Brightness


Depending on the location of the shop window, the display should offer 700 cd/m² or higher brightness. In shop window areas with stronger light incidence, 1000 cd/m² are advisable .
Icon resolution

Image resolution

Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) in 16:9 format or 4K (3,840 x 2,160) in 16:9 format. The choice of resolution is optimally based on the image size and the content.
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Since fixed walls are rarely available for installation in shop windows, a display stand or trolley is recommended for easy change of position.

Our digital signage display recommendations

Expert Tip:

For optimum freedom of installation and different ways of displaying the content, make sure that the display can be installed horizontally and vertically.


Digital Signage Media Player

  • easy placement on display or projector
  • Support of various formats for great content diversity
  • Playback options via data media, LAN and WLAN
Icon portrait and landscape format

Supported formats

For optimal content presentation, it is important that the digital signage player works with the common file formats without any problems. This offers greater variety in the choice of content and makes the content creator's work easier.
Icon USB connection


Various interfaces offer the advantage that, in addition to playback from a USB stick or SD card, streaming via LAN or WLAN is also possible. Feeding from Blu-ray players or other external devices via HDMI is often also desired.
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A media player should not be too large so that it can be installed on the display or projector .

Our digital signage media player recommendations

Expert Tip:

In addition to the hardware, the user interface of the digital signage player is also crucial. Easy operation is an advantage for the user and makes work easier.
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