Optimal equipment for conference rooms

Multimedia equipment for large rooms

Large rooms are often used for seminars, training or meetings. The number of participants varies greatly here depending on the event, from a few participants to 100 people or more. It is therefore important to select and install the appropriate media technology.


If it is not possible to completely darken a room, you should, for example, choose a High brightness projector so that you can offer good image quality. How big your screen needs to be depends, of course, on the size of the room. The screen size is determined individually.

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Solutions for large rooms

We offer the following solution variants for large rooms. We take care of the planning, selection and the entire installation of the units for you.


Bright projector and installation screen

  • well suited for large to very large rooms
  • Recessed screens for integration in the ceiling
  • bright projector with optional interchangeable lenses
  • Lens shift for optimal image alignment
  • Image transmission via HDBaseT
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Light output

10,000 lumens (minimum) for LCD projectors and 11,000 lumens (minimum) for DLP projectors for a screen width of approximately four metres in a room that is only partially darkened.
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Image resolution

Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) in 16:9 format or WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200) in 16:10 format.
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The screen should be installed in the suspended ceiling so as not to affect the room image. If the room does not have a suspended ceiling, ceiling mounting is recommended. This also applies to the projector.

Expert Tip:

Since the projector is usually installed far away from where the speaker or presenter is standing, signal transmission via HDBaseT is recommended. With the appropriate switch, you can choose between various connections. The signal is then transmitted to the projector via HDBaseT.

Audio equipment with microphone unit

  • different loudspeaker classes possible
  • Power classes selectable according to room size
  • Speech station for main speaker and extensions
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Installation type

The type of installation depends on whether the speakers are to be installed on the wall, on the ceiling or in the ceiling. In the case of a suspended ceiling, we recommend the use of recessed speakers.
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With or without transformer

When wiring the loudspeakers, you have a choice between conventional loudspeakers or 100 V loudspeakers with integrated transformers, depending on the size of the room. They are always used when the distance that the audio cable from the microphone unit to the loudspeaker itself is too long for good signal transmission. With a loudspeaker with transformer, the cross-section of the cable is less decisive.
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Intercom station

In addition to the microphone, the microphone unit usually also contains the amplifier technology. From there you can adjust the volume and other settings. Make sure that there is enough space to accommodate the components.

Expert Tip:

When planning the room, pay attention to whether you need only one microphone unit for the moderator or, if necessary, additional sub-stations. The subsequent installation of sub-stations is complex and causes high costs.

Our projector recommendations

Tobias Berg and Oliver Stenzel - contact persons in Purchasing and Sales - write on glass pane

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