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Huddle Room- Interactive work in a small space

In the current meeting culture, huddle rooms are gaining more and more importance. They are now often replacing the classic, small meeting room. However, since the huddle room is more agile and less presentational, you need interactive resources.


Here, an interactive display on which you can work out and note down ideas is sufficient. Displays up to 65" in size are usually perfectly adequate. If you connect a PC with a Windows 11 interface to the display, for example, you can use all common sharing services such as Dropbox or Google Drive to share the content you have created.

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Solutions for Huddle Rooms

We offer the following solution variants for huddle rooms. We take care of the planning, selection and complete installation of the devices for you.


Interactive work with the Samsung Flip

  • can be used vertically & horizontally - a flipchart & display in one
  • natural writing and wiping feeling on the display surface
  • can be upgraded with an external PC and then offers full touch support
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The Samsung Flip uses 3,840 x 2,160 pixels for a high-resolution 4K image. This means that the Flip not only displays content sharply, it also offers finer scanning during touch operation.
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The Samsung Flip offers its own separate interface for interactive work. However, you can also connect a PC and use touch signals to control a PC and other content
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When mounting the Samsung Flip, you have the choice between a wall mount or a trolley. Both mounts are capable of moving the Flip from the vertical to the horizontal position.

Our Samsung Flip recommendations


Expert Tip:

In addition to the flipchart function, you can use the display for touch control of the PC with a Windows 10 PC that you connect to the Samsung Flip. To do this, connect the display to the PC via a USB cable.


Interactive touch displays for collaboration

  • free choice of display and system
  • different display sizes available
  • different touch technologies selectable
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Image resolution

When choosing an interactive display, it is advisable to opt for 4K resolution. This will ensure that you are future-proof.
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The manufacturers of the interactive offer different, interactive solutions. From the integrated Android system, to compatibility with an Apple Mac, to a Windows system, you have a choice of various internal and external options
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In addition to wall mounting, you can freely choose which display base or stand is used. Optional systems offer optimal application possibilities thanks to height adjustability.

Our interactive touch display recommendations

Expert Tip:

A specially assembled system can be tailored to your needs. Ask us for the solution that suits you best!


Flexible audio installations for huddle rooms

  • optimal sound quality
  • Flexibility
  • wall mounting or mounting directly on e.g. display
  • visually appealing design
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A large seminar room, a meeting room, a small classroom or even an impressive high-end home cinema. Every room has its own requirements for audio components. In addition to the electrical power handling capacity, the efficiency of a loudspeaker is important. Efficiency indicates in decibels how loud a loudspeaker is at one watt at a distance of one metre.
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Sound quality

Two speaker combinations are common in home and professional use. Complete soundbars combine all speakers in one cabinet. They reproduce the full spectrum of an audio signal within their frequency range. Modular systems each transmit a separate frequency range. This results in countless possibilities (e.g. tweeter/midrange units + bass unit). The quality of the speakers, the frequency range, their arrangement and placement are decisive for optimal sound quality
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The operability is adapted to your needs. Audio systems can either be tailored to a specific room situation or adapted to changing situations. This results in very different requirements for the control of an audio installation. This is done centrally via a permanently installed control panel, via several end devices via app or via comprehensive media control.

Expert Tip:

A high-quality audio setup is important! The human brain combines visual and auditory sensory stimuli. The playback quality of an audio system enhances the listener's perception and increases overall intelligibility.

Tobias Berg and Oliver Stenzel - contact persons in Purchasing and Sales - write on glass pane

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