Solutions for private customers

Projector and screen complete solution for home

We offer our private customers complete solutions for the home. Home cinema equipment put together individually for you: from projector and screen to a home cinema system with surround speakers and other audio components.


We ensure that the selected components are not only compatible with each other, but can also be optimally integrated into the room. To achieve this, we select the most suitable projectors for you, with the technical features required for your project.

Whether for projecting photos, watching football or for cosy home cinema evenings: We will find the right one for you!


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Solutions for private customers

We offer the following solution variants for rooms of any size. 

Acer Beamer H6815BD

Projector for the home cinema

  • well suited for medium to large living spaces
  • Projection surfaces up to 3 metres wide possible
  • Lens shift and flexible lenses for optimal installation freedom
  • Features for image enhancement, e.g. interframe calculation
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Light output

2,500 lumens (minimum) for LCD projectors and 3,500 lumens (minimum) for DLP projectors for a screen width of approximately two metres in a partially darkened living room.
Icon resolution

Image resolution

Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) in 16:9 format or 4K (3,840 x 2,160) in 16:9 format. WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200) in 16:10 format is an alternative if you are looking for a bright projector, for example for watching football.
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Ceiling mounting via ceiling bracket or placement on a cabinet if the projector has a strong lens shift function

Expert Tip:

Contrast level is very important when choosing your home cinema projector. The higher the contrast ratio, the greater range between the deepest black and the brightest white. 
celexon folding frame screen Mobil Expert

Screens for optimal film enjoyment

  • well suited for medium to large living spaces
  • Projection surfaces up to 3 metres wide possible
  • different screen types selectable
Canvas icon dimensions

Screen width

The screen width should be based on the seat spacing. Half of the seat distance is the screen width. However, a width of more than 3 m is not recommended, as otherwise the image is no longer sufficiently illuminated.
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Screen type

The type of screen depends on the installation possibilities. In the living room, roller blind and motorised screens are the most common. If a suspended ceiling is available, a recessed ceiling screen is conceivable.
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Roller or motorised screens are best mounted on the ceiling or wall. When mounting, make sure that the image is later placed at eye level. For suspended ceilings, you can install a recessed ceiling screen. Make sure that you use a radio remote control, as the receiver and transmitter of the remote control do not have visual contact.

Expert Tip:

More and more living spaces are being automated. With a trigger solution, for example, you can have a motorised screen lowered when the projector is switched on.

Home cinema projector highlights

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