Signal management and players for signage applications

Almost all rooms, from shops to hairdressing salons, can be retrofitted with effective digital signage display solutions. Connectivity and signal transmission paths must be taken into account, which means that the required cables and adapters must be laid invisibly in the room, if possible. Good solutions here are cable ducts, desk connection panels and wireless solutions.


A signage player is usually used to transmit content . You can place a signage player behind a display or on a projector to save space and connect it to the display via a LAN cable. You can also save the content on an SD card and play it back on the display via a corresponding card slot.

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Signal Management & Player Solutions

We offer the following solution variants for event rooms. 


Signal management

  • HDMI solutions for short signal paths
  • HDBaseT solutions for long signal paths
  • Wireless signal transmission for BYOD areas
  • Signal control in conference rooms
  • Cooperative signal management for meeting rooms
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Signal management equipment

Do not skimp on the choice of signal management equipment. The best sources and output devices offer no advantage if the transmission path is not considered. Ask us about the most suitable transmission option for your project for optimal signal transmission.


Playback of a wide range of source devices

Different interfaces offer the advantage that they are prepared for the playback of the most diverse source devices. From the notebook to the tablet to the Blu-ray player, the most diverse sources can be used if required.


Planning and assembly

Ideally, you will only see a limited part of the equipment from the signal management, for example in a desktop connection panel. Optimal planning and installation of the signal paths not only ensures smooth image transmission, but also an attractive appearance within the premises.

Expert Tip:

In addition to the classic HDMI cables, transmission via HDBaseT is becoming increasingly important. Thanks to transmission distances of up to 100 m with a Cat5e or Cat6 cable in full HD quality, HDBaseT offers practical advantages, especially in older buildings in which a subsequent installation of image-transmitting cabling is necessary.


  • Combination of all signals at one point
  • Forwarding of signals via one line to the projector or display
  • Variety of connections for different source devices
  • Space-saving recessed in the table Power source for notebooks
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Compatibility of the devices

For optimal signal playback, it is important to clarify how the playback is to take place. When transmitting protected digital content, pay attention to the HDCP compatibility of the devices. Our experts will be happy to help you with the question of what to look out for when choosing the right player for you.

Icon resolution


Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) in 16:9 format or 4K (3,840 x 2,160) in 16:9 format.


Touch function

Much of the work in a situation centre is now digital. A display with a built-in slot-in PC becomes an interactive map, work surface and much more. It facilitates the work and the content can be sent or printed. The touch function supports the handling.

Expert Tip:

HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) issues can occur when using some digital content. Be sure not to fall foul of these when considering your set up.

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Tobias Berg and Oliver Stenzel - contact persons in Purchasing and Sales - write on glass pane

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