Sony BRAVIA BZ40L Series: Glare-free 4K meets versatility

Whether in digital signage, conference rooms or classrooms, the BRAVIA BZ40L series from Sony impresses with deep blacks and an anti-reflective display.

Designed for optimal performance in demanding retail, corporate and education environments, the BRAVIA BZ40L Series has everything you need for professional use. With the option of portrait or landscape installation, bright 4K display with glare-free surface and compatibility with popular CMS and video conferencing platforms, it offers a flexible and aesthetically pleasing solution for modern digital signage needs. With support for AirPlay and Chromecast, content can be easily streamed from multiple devices, also making the displays the ideal solution for meeting rooms and educational institutions.


Why choose Sony BRAVIA?

Sony's BZ40L displays are a milestone in digital display technology, offering an outstanding visual experience through their 47% Haze, high brightness and 4K resolution, which seamlessly fits into various application areas such as system integration, education, retail and corporate environments through specific features.


BRAVIA for the retail trade

  • Optimal visibility in shops and shopping centres thanks to the bright and matt display
  • High-quality signage application thanks to the seamless integration of over 50 CMS platforms with SignageOS
  • Sustainable power management features for efficient operation

BRAVIA for Business

  • Distraction-free teaching through reduced reflections thanks to high haze level and matt surface
  • Flawless integration into existing environments through growing network of video conferencing partners
  • Wireless connectivity for seamless screen casting and sustainable power management features for efficient operation

BRAVIA for educational institutions

  • BZ40L with 47% Haze and reflective filter for optimal viewing in brightly lit classrooms.
  • Comprehensive connectivity for educational institutions with Airplay and Chromecast
  • Excellent readability of learning content with high image quality and various brightness settings

BRAVIA for system integrators

  • Leading Haze value and wide range of display sizes for different project requirements.
  • Consistent enclosure design across all product series and inch sizes for easy interchange.
  • Flexible installation options in portrait and landscape format and discreet side logo

Technical advantages of the BZ40L models

The BZ40L series offers a wide range of technical benefits, from stunning 4K resolution and a consistent and professional design to robust and reliable features that meet the needs of both corporate environments and demanding public spaces.


The right display for all purposes

The BZ40L series displays are available in 55, 65, 75 and 85 inch sizes. All display sizes impress with their 4K resolution. With a maximum brightness of 650 nits with a contrast ratio of 6000:1 (85 inch) or 700 nits and a contrast ratio of 1200:1 (75, 65 and 55 inch), the displays are ideal for use even in direct sunlight.
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Outstanding picture quality that convinces at all times

The BZ40L series displays feature a bright and brilliant 4K display powered by the powerful X1 and XR processors that deliver accurate colours, high contrast and extreme clarity. This, together with the powerful SOC and Android operating system, ensures a smooth and high-quality viewing experience. BRAVIA Signage Free Software (BSF) with built-inHTML5 support also enables easy and efficient content management.
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Flexible installation through professional design

Compared to other digital signage solutions, the BZ40L series is characterised by a uniform housing design across all display sizes. This ensures a consistent and professional appearance, regardless of the selected display size. In addition, future replacements can be easily integrated into the existing environment. Sony TEOS support and compatibility with popular CMS and video conferencing platforms also allow for easy integration into the existing system landscape. In addition, the connectors of the Sony BZ40L series displays are built into the side of the housing. This means that they can be easily reached when mounted in landscape or portrait format.
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Robust and reliable

BRAVIA is designed to operate reliably around the clock (24/7) in the most demanding corporate and business environments. Sony Pro Mode Professional Settings make it easy to work with and customise BRAVIA settings to suit corporate or business needs. To prevent tampering when the screen is used in public spaces, you can disable input or remote control functions, schedule on/off times, remove labels and lock buttons. Screen settings can be changed, saved and easily copied from one screen to another using a USB stick.

Advantages of the anti-reflective display for clear and sharp readings

Displays with a matt surface offer decisive advantages in meeting rooms, educational institutions or for digital signage.

The matt surface reduces unwanted reflections and glare. This enables significantly better readability of the content and noticeably reduces eye strain. At the same time, it increases flexibility during installation. Since it is no longer necessary to pay as much attention to sunlight, the display can be placed much more freely in the room. This makes matt displays particularly interesting for many applications. In addition, matt displays are much less sensitive to fingerprints, for example.


Sony's BZ40L series displays are equipped with the Deep Black Non-Glare coating. It combines the advantages of a matt display with the advantages of a glossy display. The anti-reflective coating with a haze level of 47% ensures that the light falling on the display is reflected diffusely in all directions. The resulting whitish blur is less noticeable to the viewer than sharply reflected light.


In addition, the surface of the panel is provided with another special coating. The incident light rays are reflected by this coating and the underlying display in such a way that the interference of the reflected rays cancel each other out, thus reducing the reflections perceived by the viewer. The interaction of the different coatings significantly reduces screen reflectionswithout, however, affecting the brightness, contrast, sharpness of detail and clarity of the image. The result is bright, brilliant images with rich colours and deep blacks that are clearly visible from any viewing angle.

Application examples: How retailers, businesses and schools benefit from the BZ40L series.

We'll show you three specific scenarios where Sony's innovative BZ40L series can be ideally used.


Optimised customer communication in retail

The Sony BZ40L display as a living shop window for offers and promotions

In the entrance area of a modern retail shop, a Sony BZ40L display informs customers about current offers and promotionswith vivid 4K images. Thanks to the high brightness of 700 nits and a contrast ratio of 1200:1, the display is easy to read even in direct sunlight and attracts the attention of passers-by. The integrated BRAVIA Signage Free software allows the shop owner to quickly update content and adapt to seasonal trends. The robust design and easy integration into the existing system make the Sony BZ40L display a long-term reliable solution for effective customer communication in retail.


Innovative corporate communication:

The BZ40L display from Sony as a central element in modern meeting rooms

In a large corporate meeting room, an 85-inch BZ40L display from Sony is used as the central screen. With its impressive 4K resolution and 6000:1 contrast ratio, it displays complex data and graphics with pin-sharp clarity, supported by the powerful X1 and XR processors. Compatibility with popular video conferencing platforms enables seamless integration into the existing system landscape and makes global meetings more efficient. The professional, unified design of the Sony BZ40L display underlines the company's modern and innovative orientation, while the flexible connections ensure easy handling.


Digital education in the modern classroom

Sony's BZ40L display as an interactive and effective teaching aid

In a modern classroom, an 85-inch BZ40L display from Sony is used as a digital whiteboard display. With its clear 4K resolution and 6,000:1 contrast ratio, it provides students with an excellent visual experience and supports learning through the detailed display of graphics and videos. The robust design and easy integration of teaching materials via the Android operating system allow teachers to create flexible and interactive lessons. By using the Sony BZ40L display, technology is seamlessly integrated into the classroom, helping to make lessons modern, engaging and effective.


The BZ40L Series: Technical Brilliance for Business, Schools and More

For those looking for a modern digital signage solution, the Sony BRAVIA BZ40L series offers a combination of technical excellence and aesthetic design. With its powerful X1/XR processor, high47%haze leveland BRAVIA Signage Free Software (BSF) with built-in HTML5 support, it is a premium choice for businesses, schools and system integrators.

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