VR Glasses - The Best Immersion for Your Home Cinema and Gaming

Virtual Reality: High-Tech for True Explorers

Virtual Reality is here! And that means: off on a discovery tour into the new, exciting 3D worlds. The portal to hyper-realistic and unforgettable experiences is now open to everyone. Don't wait any longer at the threshold, step inside!


Head Mounted Display for PC & Console

Head Mounted Displays (HMD) are VR glasses that already have all the necessary technical components for displaying virtual worlds, motion capture and navigation. These full-fledged VR glasses are connected to a PC or a game console, depending on compatibility, model and manufacturer. HMDs offer the best immersion and the most intense gaming experience

System requirements

VR glasses with built-in sensors and displays require some hardware performance. A PC with a good graphics card, a fast-clocking multi-core CPU and a generous amount of RAM are therefore strongly recommended. For a flawless gaming experience.

Mobile Virtual Reality Glasses for Smartphones

VR also works with smartphones. However, in order to use your smartphone for VR, you need a suitable, stable and, above all, comfortable VR g oggle. Attaching the smartphone is easy. Just like adjusting the head mount and the viewing distance.
The celexon VR glasses were developed for maximum comfort and ease of use. For a complete VR experience.

System requirements

What applies to "real" VR goggles with a display also applies to VR goggles that use your smartphone as a display to show images: as high a resolution as possible, lots of RAM and a fast processor. In some cases, current versions of the respective mobile operating systems such as iOS or Android are also required

> Minimum resolution of 1080 x 1920 ppi
> SoC (System on Chip) with modern CPU and GPU
> Frame rate of at least 60 hertz
> At least 2GB RAM

Virtual Reality Gaming

"Don't be a hero, be one!" is the motto of VR gaming. Because VR games not only give you full control of your player character, they literally make you the hero of an exciting story. The result: unsurpassed, realistic atmosphere paired with a gaming experience that will amaze you and won't let you go!


Try out every game genre to see the atmosphere for yourself! Horror, shooter and racing games are our favourites.

360-degree videos: Home cinema with a difference

There are two reasons why you should watch 360-degree videos

> 360-degree films and POV videos take you to exotic locations or right into the middle of an action scene. Here you determine the perspective and thus experience everything up close, unrestricted and without gaps. A complete experience!
> 360-degree videos are a great addition to the classic home cinema with projector and screen.

It's the best starting point for your next 360-degree video excursion and at the same time the best source for varied videos of different genres

This VR short film proves how spectacular 360-degree videos are:

DSC00910 (1)

Even more gaming with gaming projectors

Computer game worlds also look impressive on a projector screen, so you don't have to strap a display in front of your face to fully immerse yourself in the gaming atmosphere. What's more, your friends can join in: together, multiplayer and co-op games are simply more fun. Football matches and shooters in a giant format - it doesn't get any more ingenious than this!
Enhance your gaming experience with a gaming projector! Find out how and what you need in our gaming projector buying guide!
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