Welcome to the online shop of visunext.de, your expert for audio and video products. Immerse yourself in the world of the celexon Motor Economy series and discover high-quality motorised screens for impressive home cinema experiences and professional presentations. We are pleased to introduce you to the many advantages of this series.

The celexon Motor Economy series includes a wide range of products to meet your individual needs. Thanks to the variable formats, you can adapt the screen to your specific requirements and enjoy an optimal viewing experience. Whether you prefer the classic 1:1 format, use the traditional 4:3 format, choose the widely used 16:9 format or want to immerse yourself in the immersive world of the 21:9 format - vary and choose the right format depending on the situation.

An outstanding feature of the celexon Motor Economy series is the quiet motor. This allows you to concentrate fully on your home cinema experience or presentation without being distracted by annoying noises. The screen extends smoothly and quietly for smooth and pleasant operation.

The celexon Motor Economy screens offer a gain factor of 1.2, which ensures optimum image quality and vivid colour reproduction. Whether you want to enjoy movies in stunning HD quality or show your presentations in brilliant colours and crisp images, these Motor Economy screens will meet your expectations and provide an impressive viewing experience.
To provide you with the best possible service, our professional installation service is at your disposal. Our experienced technicians will be happy to help you install and set up your celexon Motor Economy screen so that you can benefit from your new acquisition straight away. In addition, we offer a reliable delivery service to ensure that your order reaches you quickly and safely.

Also discover our extensive range of matching accessories for the celexon Motor Economy series. Here you will find everything you need to further customise and complete your screen. From wall mounts to remote controls to additional cables - we have everything you need for an all-round successful home cinema or presentation experience.

All in all, the celexon Motor Economy series offers you an excellent solution for home cinema and presentation. With their variable format selection, quiet motor and impressive gain factor of 1.2, these screens are the perfect choice for a first-class viewing experience. Benefit from our installation and delivery service as well as our extensive range of accessories and let the quality and variety of the celexon Motor Economy series convince you. Immerse yourself in a world of impressive images and enjoy films, videos and presentations in a new dimension.