celexon INF 200 outdoor screen set up

A step-by-step guide

Summertime is football time! Perfect for public viewing in your own garden. But setting up the TV from the living room on the terrace is not the best solution. What to do?

A projector with a screen are needed so that all spectators can follow the game without obstacles.

Find out why the celexon INF200 inflatable outdoor screen is perfect for your next football event in the garden and how to set it up effortlessly .


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Of course, it is not easy to set up the projector and screen outside, as the sunlight is much stronger than the projector light. We have summarised how you can still watch football in the garden in our guide "Enjoying the European Championship at home: public viewing made easy!

Public Viewing Screen for the Home

In this example, we have worked with a 2-metre screen that is suitable for audience groups of up to 50 people. If it needs to be bigger and cost less, such as a mobile frame screen from the professional segment, the celexon INF200 is just right for you!


You save almost 60 % of the costs compared to screens in the professional range in this size. This makes the celexon INF200 an attractive outdoor solution for private users or sports clubs.

In addition to private use, the celexon INF200 is also suitable for smaller events in companies or public institutions. The celexon INF200 is an attractive projection solution, especially if your budget does not allow for a higher-quality screen at that moment.

Thanks to its lightweight construction, it is equally suitable for indoor use, for example in auditoriums, large conference rooms or forums where a large projection solution is (spontaneously) required.

The projection screen fabric has a black frame to improve the contrast at the edge of the image.

The screen fabric is attached to the frame with Velcro strips.

The frame can be inflated in no time with the supplied blower. This makes it possible to assemble and disassemble without a lot of tools.

The screen can be easily transported in a handy cardboard box. At 15 kg, it weighs considerably less than a football goal and fits in almost any car boot.


The most important technical features of the celexon INF200 projection screen

  • Format: 16:9
  • Gain factor:1.0
  • Cloth type: D
  • Visible surface (W x H):310 x 174 cm
  • Dimensions of frame (L x D x H):420 x 180 x 300 cm
  • Weight:15 kg
  • Scope of delivery:PVC projection screen fabric, inflatable frame, motorised fan, rigging accessories, repair kit

Instructions: How to set up the celexon INF200 screen


1. Step: Prepare tools

You only need a few tools to set up the screen.

These include:

  • a hammer
  • a ladder
  • a power connection (e.g. cable drum)

2. Step: Unpack the screen

In the box you will find:

  • inflatable frame
  • Projection screen fabric
  • Blower
  • 4 tension cords
  • 4 ground pegs
  • Repair kit
  • Instructions

Pump up the screen frame

  • Unpack the screen and place it on a flat surface. Make sure that the floor is free of sharp objects that could damage the inflatable frame.
  • Now roll out the screen frame on the floor.
  • Establish a power supply to the fan with the cable reel.
  • Then attach the hose from the frame to the blower.
  • Now switch on the blower - the frame will be inflated.

Important: The blower remains switched on continuously during use to keep the frame stable.

4. Step: Fix the screen frame to the floor

Accessories needed: hammer, ladder, 4 tension cords and 4 pegs

Once the frame is up, you can attach the tension cords to the frame and anchor it to the ground with the pegs

5. Step: Attach the screen fabric to the frame

Now spread the scree fabric on the floor. Again: Check the floor for sharp stones or broken glass that could damage the screen.

Attach the screen fabric to the corners of the frame using the Velcro. If your partner or  friend is around, let him or her help you. The two of you can stretch the screen tighter and you will get a better flatness.


Regulate or release air

You can regulate the tension or release the air completely via the zip on the lower part of the frame.

Our projector recommendations for the celexon INF200 screen

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