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JOAN is the wireless room booking system that offers you optimal placement options thanks to its battery and WLAN connection. The JOAN room booking systems are attached to the surface with a magnetic holder and are compatible with many online calendars, such as iCalendar, Google Calendar.

Find out here which clever integrations and functions the JOAN room booking systems include and why they are ideal for your meeting rooms.


Smart room booking management with JOAN

The JOAN room booking system optimally manages your meeting rooms and shows employees and customers whether the rooms are occupied or free. This way you can keep your meetings efficient and coordinate the participants better.

Likewise, it often happens that colleagues do not adhere to the room allocation, which throws resource planning out of whack. Thanks to JOAN 's room reservation system, you no longer disrupt meetings.


Especially for meetings with external visitors, JOAN provides an excellent overview of the status of the meeting room:

  • Is it occupied or free?
  • When does the next appointment start?
  • Who is attending the meeting?

Of course, you can also disclose less data. This depends on how you set up the display of your online calendar from Microsoft, Google or Apple. Thanks to synchronisation with your calendar, room booking and management becomes child's play.

JOAN's features

The JOAN room booking systems offer many attractive features that make installation and working with the systems easier.


Wireless use

Thanks to WLAN compatibility, you can attach JOAN anywhere. Convenient magnetic holders are available for easy attachment, which you can also stick to a glass surface. And if JOAN is hanging in a somewhat insecure area where someone could steal the door sign? Thanks to the optional wall bracket and wireless installation, the sign hangs securely in place. You don't need any tools to mount the standard bracket.
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Very good readability

In terms of readability, the JOAN room booking system has earned a clear "very good". Thanks to the e-ink technology, which is also used in e-book readers, you can read everything excellently on the display even in sunlight.
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Long battery life

Thanks to the e-ink display , the JOAN room booking systems consume very little power, which means the battery lasts a long time. The battery life varies depending on the model:
  • JOAN 6: up to 12 weeks
  • JOAN 13: up to one year

Customisable to your company

In addition to the general settings, you can individualise your JOAN devices. Thanks to JOAN's graphics support, you can load your company logo onto the room booking system as desired. In this way, you give the digital door sign your own corporate identity.

JOAN also offers individually programmable buttons. The buttons are named via the web interface. You can thus name the buttons individually and assign commands to them. At the touch of a button, you could thus notify the secretary's office to provide new coffee or call a taxi for your guest.


Compatible with your digital calendar

The JOAN room booking systems work with common digital calendars. These include Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Google Workspace and iCalendar. Thanks to access via JOAN Web Portal, you can make your calendar settings conveniently from your workplace

Elegant design

Thanks to the colour scheme of the frame in grey or black, the JOAN room booking systems can be optimally integrated into your office spaces.

Three models: JOAN 6, JOAN 6 Pro & JOAN 13

You have a choice of three different JOAN room booking systems: JOAN 6, JOAN 6 Pro and JOAN 13. The three devices differ in their setting and display options as well as the size of the displays.


JOAN 6: Meeting Room and Huddle Room Management

The JOAN 6 offers enough features for many users. You control this unit via the interactive touch display. You can enter appointments yourself by touch or synchronise the display with your digital calendar. In terms of screen size, the JOAN 6 is identical to the JOAN 6 Pro.

With the JOAN 6 you can analyse the peak times of your meetings, the most popular meeting rooms and other workplace data. You can also automate your room bookings and display personalised content or buttons, e.g. current COVID information.

JOAN 6 Pro: Advanced space management

Compared to the JOAN 6, the JOAN 6 Pro offers significantly more options for optimising and analysing your meeting rooms.

In addition, the wireless connection security works with WPA3 Personal and WPA2 Enterprise encryption, which is a decisive factor for some companies with high security standards. In addition, the JOAN 6 Pro works with TSL 1.3 encryption.

JOAN 13: for large conference rooms, boardrooms and foyers

The JOAN 13 has a large display that shows up to 9 appointments and rooms simultaneously. It is therefore particularly suitable for buildings with several meeting rooms. With the JOAN 13 you can offer arriving visitors an optimal overview of your rooms. Thanks to the large display, viewers can find their way around even faster and have all the necessary information at a glance.

An attractive advantage of the JOAN 13 is its long battery life. Thanks to its size, the battery lasts up to 12 months, depending on use. This model is therefore particularly interesting for areas where it is not possible to charge the device every day.

JOAN 6 and JOAN 13 in direct comparison

To illustrate the advantages and differences of the JOAN room booking systems, we have briefly summarised them for you:

Ideal forMeeting rooms, huddle rooms, workplacesFoyers, boardrooms
Battery lifeup to 12 weeksup to 12 months
Calendar integrationGoogle Workspace, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, iCalendarGoogle Workspace, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, iCalendar
Personal customisationsCustomised content and buttonsImportant updates and information
FeaturesReal-time booking, custom contentSchedule, team and room grid, custom content
Number of appointments and meetingsInformation for a meeting roomCurrent availability of multiple meeting rooms and up to 9 upcoming meetings
Display panel6 inch (15,24 cm) Interactive Touch Display13 inch (33.78 cm) non-touch display
WLAN2.4 GHz Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n) standard,
2.4 GHz Bluetooth 5 support
2.4 GHz Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n) standard,
2.4 GHz Bluetooth 5 support
SecurityWPA2-PSK & WPA2-EAP support
Exclusive to the JOAN 6 Pro: TLS 1.3 encryption
WPA2-PSK & WPA2-EAP support

Booking of various features in the subscription

The JOAN systems work on a subscription basis. Depending on your needs and the functions suitable for your company, the room booking systems offer different options. In our shop, you will find not only the display units but also the matching JOAN subscription for 1 year.

The most sustainable workstation on the market

In addition to optimising your own meeting rooms, you are also doing something good for nature when you buy a JOAN device. Thanks to a series of environmentally friendly measures, JOAN has become a climate-neutral device.

Sustainable workplace with modern technology from JOAN:

Low power consumption due to particularly sustainable and energy-saving ePaper.

Recycled and recyclable glass and aluminiummaterials

Sustainable and plastic-free packaging of the devices in recycled cellulose and mono-material

For every JOAN appliance sold, a tree will be planted from 2021 onwards

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