Golf Simulator Projectors

Are you looking for a way to improve your golf game from the comfort of your own home? Look no further than a projector for your golf simulator setup.

Live in an area with uncooperative weather? Can’t get to the Golf course? Those worries are becoming a thing of the past, thanks to the Golf Simulator space. Below are some helpful pointers on what to look for when purchasing a projector for a Golf Simulator.


Aspect Ratio and Resolution for a Golf Simulator

Aspect ratio and resolution tend to go hand-in-hand. In simple terms, the aspect ratio refers to the shape of the image or the ratio between the width and height of the image (4:3, 16:9 or 16:10). The resolution refers to the number of pixels that make up the image. The more pixels the projector has, the higher the image quality of the projector. We would recommend trying to match the resolution of your computer with the resolution of your projector. Your projector will never be able to project a higher resolution image than your computer is capable of.

We tend to find that widescreen is becoming the more common choice with golf simulators, either 16:9 or 16:10. 16:10 will offer you a little extra height to your screen and tends to be the best compromise between quality and screen size. You will find if you try and go for a 4:3 image, you will be stuck with a very low 1024 x 768 resolution which is not up to the standard required by most modern day golf simulators.

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Brightness for a Golf Simulator

Lumens determine the brightness of the image your projector produces. The brighter your room is, the more important it is to have a high lumens projector. As a general rule, 2000+ is enough Lumens for a dark room but we typically recommend getting a projector above 4000 Lumens for the best golf simulation experience. This obviously depends on the size of your required image, the larger the image, the more lumens you will need.
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Throw Ratio for a Golf Simulator

The Throw ratio refers to the distance between the projector and the screen and how large the image is that the projector will produce. One important thing you have to avoid when setting up a Golf Simulator is casting your shadow onto the screen. One way to avoid this is to go for a Short Throw projector as the throw ratio can be between 0.25:1 (Ultra Short Throw) through to 1:1, this allows the projector to be very close to the screen.
 For a lot of Golf Simulator setups a longer throw ratio is actually the better option. Projectors with longer throw ratios tend to range between 1.4:1 – 2.1:1. You can also look for projectors that have some horizontal keystone correction or lens shift as this will mean the projector can be placed off centre. The most important thing to remember though is that you do not want your golf ball or club to hit the projector – this would make for quite an expensive swing!

Connectivity for a Golf Simulator

HDMI really is the standard for modern Golf Simulators and almost all modern projectors have at least 1 HDMI port. VGA still can be used with some Golf Simulator systems but isn’t recommended as it will produce a lower quality image.
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