Projector or Professional Display for your business

Projector or public display in business? The advantages and disadvantages of projector and display.

Would you like to equip your company with professional presentation technology? Then you have two options: Both projectors and professional displays (public displays) meet the requirements for impressive presentations. However, the decision between a projector and a display is not so easy. We explain to you which technology is best suited for which application and which criteria you should pay attention to.


Application areas of projector and display

Projectors and displays can be used in a variety of different applications - in the classroom, in the meeting room, but also in the shop window. We briefly present the most important criteria you need to consider before buying.

Room size


If you are looking for a large image, a projector is usually the right choice for you. With an image width of over 200 cm, projectors can display a significantly larger image area compared to displays and are also less expensive. 

Professional displays offer you a limited image diagonal and are a good option for smaller rooms. Alternatively, you can also opt for a short-distance projector. These have the advantage that users are not dazzled and no shadow is cast.



public display is less sensitive to ambient light than a projector. To project a high-quality image even in bright environments, projectors must have a very high luminosity. However, the contrast ratio suffers under the brightness. A display is therefore particularly suitable for signage applications and locations with very bright ambient light in order to achieve a sharp image even in difficult lighting conditions.



Especially in the business sector, presentations in meeting rooms, at customers premises and on business trips are part of everyday life. The optimal solution is a mobile projector that you can easily transport. They all impress with their light weight and practical features such as presenting directly from the USB stick or automatic keystone correction. Mobile projectors are ideal for flexible use on business trips!



As far as interactivity is concerned, display solutions with touch function are particularly convincing. They are suitable for use in conference rooms as well as in school classrooms. In meeting rooms, you can hold interactive presentations and promote collaboration with the Professional Display. When used in schools, Professional Displays nowadays replace the traditional blackboard. When used with a Visualizer, the display is a great combination for modern, interactive learning!

Projector and display in comparison

Both projectors and displays can show their strengths in different applications. The rule of thumb is: For large images and mobile use, you should prefer a projector; for a lot of ambient brightness and bright rooms, a professional display is advantageous.

Projector and display in comparison

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Projector advantages

  • Huge image sizes possible
  • More favourable for large image areas
  • Easier for mobile use
  • Detects different resolutions and formats and displays them cleanly
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Display advantages

  • Less sensitive to ambient brightness 
  • Quieter - no fan present 
  • Lower maintenance - no lamp replacement required 
  • No shadows when presenting

Our projector recommendations

Our display recommendations

Conclusion: Projector or display?

For large image areas, a projector is the best and cheapest solution. In small classrooms or meeting rooms, on the other hand, a short-distance projector or a professional display is attractive.

For high ambient light and digital signage solutions, you can use a large format display if a bright projector is too expensive for you. If you change the place of use in between, a mobile projector can be set up quickly and easily. 

The compact Pico projectors are also perfect as a mobile companion for business travelers!  In our projector buying guide and display buying guide, you can find out in more detail about the most important features, areas of application and buying criteria for projectors and displays.  To make your projection perfect, we also have a wide range of screens for every purpose. 

If you decide on a combination of projector and screen, we will present the different screen types and application areas in detail in our screen buying guide.

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