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As one of the leading manufacturers, Epson offers an impressive range of projectors that delight both private and business customers. Benefit from outstanding quality, reliability and user-friendly technologies that make Epson the preferred partner for your office and home applications. Dive into our extensive Epson range and experience innovation, efficiency and customer satisfaction at the highest level.


Epson, founded in 1942 in Japan, has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of printers, projectors and imaging solutions for the business, education and consumer markets. Epson's broad product range includes a variety of innovative solutions that meet the high demands of the modern technology world. Epson's distinctive feature is the combination of first-class quality, advanced technology and environmentally friendly solutions. The brand is particularly known for its high-quality inkjet printers, powerful projectors and precise scanners, which ensure effective and appealing results in professional applications as well as in the educational sector.

At you will find the extensive Epson range at attractive prices. Our experts will help you choose the right product for your individual needs. Immerse yourself in the world of Epson and benefit from state-of-the-art technology and high-quality solutions that will take your work to a new level

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Epson projectors: Brilliant image quality for every occasion

Here you will find everything from compact entry-level projectors to home cinema projectors and high-end solutions. Epson places particular emphasis on the fact that almost all components of the projectors are manufactured in-house. Epson home cinema and business projectors in particular have often been declared test winners. Our trained staff will be happy to support you in your search for a suitable Epson projector!

Epson, one of the world's leading manufacturers of projectors, offers a comprehensive range of projectors for a variety of applications. With a combination of premium image quality, high reliability and user-friendly features, Epson projectors have established themselves as the top choice for home cinema enthusiasts, businesses and educational institutions.

The different series of Epson projectors each offer specific benefits and features tailored to individual requirements:

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Overall, Epson projectors offer impressive value for money and meet the needs of both home and business users. With their wide range of projector series, Epson ensures that every user can find the right solution for their needs and benefit from an optimal viewing experience.

Whether you want to set up a small home cinema, give a large presentation or create an interactive learning experience , you'll always make the right choice with an Epson projector. Discover the diverse possibilities of the different Epson projector series and enjoy brilliant image quality, reliability and ease of use in one device.

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