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Discover the world of PeTa, a leading brand of innovative ceiling mounts. PeTa offers a wide range of high-quality ceiling mounts specially designed for projectors. With a PeTa ceiling mount, you can securely and stably mount your projector to the ceiling for an optimal projection experience. The ceiling mounts are characterised by their easy installation, flexible adjustment options and high load-bearing capacity.

Enjoy clear projections, maximum visibility and a tidy room. Visit visunext and discover the diverse projector ceiling mounts from PeTa.

PeTa was founded in 2000 and has since established itself as a leading manufacturer of high-quality projector ceiling mounts. The brand was created by a dedicated team of experts who share a passion for innovative solutions in the field of audiovisual technology.

From the beginning, PeTa's focus has been on developing high quality products that meet the needs and demands of its customers. With years of experience and continuous innovation, PeTa has developed a wide range of ceiling mounts that stand out for their high stability, flexibility and ease of use.

Whether you want to install a projector in the living room, in the office or in a large conference room, PeTa offers the perfect solution for optimal projection. Rely on PeTa's many years of experience and know-how and experience impressive visual presentations with the first-class projector ceiling mounts.

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