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It’s that time again and Euro 2021 is just around the corner! Many football fans would like to watch the Euros on the terrace or in the garden – so why not make the most of the summer and enjoy the beautiful weather with friends coming round to watch the big game! You could just set up a TV outside, but no, this is far too small! So that everyone can enjoy the match, a projector and screen is the best solution, however, there is a problem: the daylight. Anyone who has worked with a projector before knows that the lighting conditions in the room have a strong impact on image quality. Therefore, you should consider a few things for outdoor projection, so that you can make it an impressive sporting experience



A certain amount of dimming is necessary to get a decent picture. But how does that work outside? Best results can be achieved with a dark gazebo!. This makes it easy to darken the area.


When choosing the gazebo, it is important to pay attention not only to the colour but also to the size. A 3 x 3 m version is optimal, because this can accommodate a 2 m screen easily. The distance of 3m is sufficient for many projectors to project a 2 m image width. For the best possible picture, the gazebo must be closed on 3 sides. Of course, if you own a garage, you can also install the screen here. In a garage you can leave the garage door open and position the benches and chairs in front of it.

The wiring

Of course, when we use the projector on outside, there is still a question left: How do I get the image signal to the projector? The simplest solution is an HDMI cable, which we move from the satellite receiver or computer to the projector. Of course, these will be a few meters between the two, so when buying the cable to pay attention to the length.  Many meters of cable, however, offers some tripping hazards: when grabbing a drink from the fridge or some snacks from the kitchen, a cable on the floor can be easily overlooked.

So if you do not have an optimal way to lay the cable, it’s best to use a second option – the wireless version. The celexon WHD30M Expert HDMI Radio Set is a great option. With a clear view it offers a 3D Full HD transmission of up to 30m. It is capable of transmitting up to 4K resolution. For wireless devices, the celexon set is one of the few that offers this feature.

With the celexon Expert HDMI radio set WHD30M connected to the source, e.g. the Sat Receiver via HDMI. The signal is sent wirelessly to the receiver, where we also need an HDMI cable from the receiver to the projector.

Since we need power for the projector, it is best to use a cable drum or a multiple sockets.

celexon WHD30M

HDMI cable 10 m

The Screen

For the screen, we look for something mobile. In our test, we opted for a celexon screen mobile Professional plus. The width of the screen is 2 m, which we can accommodate well in the gazebo. We offer a wide range of mobile screens which can be found here. 


One of the reasons we chose the celexon mobile professional plus is the ease of installation and easy transport of the screen. It also requires very little space for the installation.

If you have a slightly lower budget available, you can of course have a cheaper option, such as the celexon Tripod Economy screen. However, it should be noted here that the foot reaches slightly further and therefore requires a little more space in the gazebo.

The screen

A bright projector

In order for us to get a high-quality picture in the gazebo, it is important that the projector provides a high light output. How many lumens do we need for good light output? And how does it affect the picture quality?


A too dark device brings only a weak picture on the screen, which significantly reduces the fun factor when watching football. A suitable projector can therefore be found from 4000 lumens. More lumens are an advantage as the image arrives brighter and stronger on the screen. In our example, we are using a 4800 lumens LCD projector. Of course you can also use a DLP projector, but due to the technology, 500-1000 lumens more are required.

Now to the resolution! For a proper picture sharpness the projector needs at least the WXGA resolution (1280 x 800 pixels). However, to be able to recognize the full quality of the picture, we recommend a Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) or a WUXGA resolution (1920 x 1200 pixels). So we can see the image of the projector in sharpness, as we are used to it from the TV!

Daylight projectors

The sound

In order for us to get the matching sound next to the picture, we need a simple audio solution. In times of mobile speakers this is not a problem. Depending on where we get the signal from, we have different options to choose from:


If we pick up the signal from the satellite receiver, connect it via HDMI cable to the projector (wired or wireless) and the projector has a 3.5mm jack output, we can connect the speaker to it with a 3.5mm jack cable and loop through the audio signal. This is the case with the Epson EB-1985WU in our example.

If this is not possible, it is recommended to connect a separate audio cable from the satellite receiver to the loudspeaker. Here, however, the wireless effect is lost.

If you have the signal, e.g. from a notebook that has Bluetooth, the picture can be output via HDMI and the sound can be streamed via Bluetooth. However, it could be that image and sound do not always run in parallel.


How not to do it!

As you can see, there is a lot to be aware of with a projector and screen solution for the terrace or the garden. In bright light, especially in sunlight, a projector provides a barely recognizable image. As you can see in the picture below for example, with the screen out in the open on the lawn without any obscuration, you can see the image quality is significantly reduced.

How not to do it! B

For Euro 2021 or any outdoor daylight viewing, a solution without darkening is not recommended.




As we have seen, we can achieve a decent picture with little effort and have the opportunity to enjoy the World Cup with family and friends outside. If you are not sure which projector is right for you or if you still have questions, we are happy to help and advise you! We hope we have been able to give you some good ideas to make your public viewing of the Euros an unforgettable event!

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