Discover the outstanding quality and versatility of celexon Rollo Professional Plus series screens available at These premium projection screens are the perfect choice for private customers, business customers and public institutions such as schools. With their impressive performance and a range of benefits, they guarantee an impressive visual experience

The celexon Rollo Professional Plus series offers you the opportunity to take your presentations and events to a new level. It is ideal for use in conference and meeting rooms as well as in schools and other public facilities. Thanks to their high quality and durability, you will enjoy them for a long time

One of the outstanding features of these screens is their impressive size. The celexon Rollo Professional Plus series is available in four different formats up to a width of 300 cm. Whether you are planning a small meeting or a large event, these screens will fit your needs perfectly. The soft return mechanism is another highlight of these screens. This mechanism allows the projection screen to roll up gently, protecting it and storing it safely. This not only saves space, but also extends the life of the screen
The celexon Rollo Professional Plus series is equipped with a high-quality 3-layer projection screen fabric. This fabric ensures optimal image quality with vivid colours and sharp contrasts. Whether you are watching films, giving presentations or playing games, this screen will provide you with an impressive visual experience. At, we not only offer you high-quality products, but also a comprehensive service. Our installation service supports you with the professional installation of your celexon Rollo Professional Plus series projection screen so that you can immediately achieve the best result. In addition, we offer a reliable delivery service that will deliver your screen quickly and safely to your home or office

To complement celexon Rollo Professional Plus Series screens, you'll also find matching accessories to further enhance your projection experience. From mounts to cleaning kits, we have everything you need to get the most out of your screen. celexon Rollo Professional Plus series screens are characterised by their exceptional quality, versatility and impressive size. With their soft-return mechanism and high-quality 3-layer projection surface, they set themselves apart from other products on the market. Rely on the celexon Rollo Professional Plus series to take your visual presentations to a new level.