Back to the office with Samsung and Logitech video conference bundles!

Are you looking forward to returning to your familiar office? So are we! #BackToOffice

Together with Samsung and Logitech, we offer you the optimal video conferencing solution for modern meeting rooms. We have put together exclusive display and webcam bundles at attractive prices. Because even after Covid-19, the topic of video call will continue to accompany us. A well-equipped meeting room and huddle room are therefore a must!


The solution - video conferencing

The optimal solution in this case is video conferencing. In recent months, we have already become accustomed to working with colleagues, customers and suppliers via the screen. Only in many places it may have been just as less than optimal due to a lack of the necessary hardware and software.


That is now a thing of the past. With the Samsung and Logitech bundles of the #backtooffice campaign, you receive optimally coordinated solutions in the form of hardware for video conferences. The Samsung / Logitech sets consist of a display and a combination of camera, loudspeaker and microphone. Some of these are tailored to the popular video conferencing software solutions from Microsoft and Google. The sets are tailored to different room sizes to make it even easier to choose the right solution for you.

Huddle Room Set

The Huddle Room Set is designed for smaller rooms where people are actively working on the display, in this case the Samsung Flip 2 WM55R-W, in addition to video conferencing. This is complemented by the Flip Tray to allow multiple ports on the front of the Samsung Flip for access with BYOD devices.

However, if you don't want to work collaboratively, but the room is only used for video meetings, Samsung offers an alternative with a normal display in the form of the Samsung QB55R. This offers a brilliant 4K image display and impresses with its attractive design.


Added to this is the Logitech MeetUp, which is a camera, microphone and speaker. For easy operation of the MeetUp, a NUC PC is included, on which software such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams is installed. For easy control of the system, a Logitech Tap Touch Controller is included in the set. This makes operation child's play.

The sets are each available as a Zoom version and a Microsoft Teams version.

Medium Room Set

Since medium-sized rooms are also used for video conferences and meetings, Samsung and Logitech also offer a solution for this with the Medium Room Set. There are two hardware solutions to choose from, which differ in the displays used. An interactive solution with the 65″ Samsung Flip 2 WM65R-W and a display solution without interactivity with the Samsung QB65R. The set of the interactive solution also includes the Flip 2 Tray, for multiple connections at the front. The 65″ Samsung QB65R focuses on excellent 4K picture display in an attractive design.


For the video conferencing hardware, the set relies on the Logitech Tap Medium Room Bundle. This consists of the Logitech Rally conference cameraincluding a speaker and a microphone. It is controlled via the Logitech Tap-Touch Controller. And for optimal cooperation of the components, an Intel NUC is included.

In addition to the two different hardware configurations, the Medium Room Set is also available in a version optimised for Zoom and a version optimised for Microsoft Teams.

Large Room Set

Of course, Samsung and Logitech also offer a solution for large meeting rooms. To give viewers a big picture, the set includes an 85-inch display, the Samsung QM85N.

In addition to its brilliant 4K UHD image reproduction, it offers excellent performance in the display of multi-screen content, which is particularly effective in video conferences with several participants.


The video conferencing hardware is also designed for larger rooms with the Logitech Tap Large Room Set. In addition to the Logitech Rally camera, with its good zoom features, two speakers and two microphones are included, offering even clearer recording and playback of audio content. The Logitech Tap Touch controller is responsible for simple control of the system, while a powerful Intel NUC with i7 processor also serves as the heart of the system here.

This set is also available as a Zoom version and a Microsoft Teams version.

Conclusion: What makes Samsung and Logitech so special

The display and conference system sets offered by Samsung and Logitech offer a variety of uses for different room sizes. Thanks to the pre-configured hardware and software solution, they offer good coordination, which is a positive feature when setting up the systems. In addition, for small and medium-sized rooms, they offer a choice between mobile or collaborative and stationary solutions.

Samsung and Logitech thus offer an excellent basis for optimal communication with colleagues in the home office as well as customers and suppliers, even from a distance. And even if we all work more in the office again over time, we can continue to use the video conferencing equipment to save ourselves long journeys by car or plane, which on the one hand saves costs and on the other hand protects the environment.

Tobias Berg and Oliver Stenzel - contact persons in Purchasing and Sales - write on glass pane

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