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20.000 hours without changing the projector lamp with an LED projector

LED projectors have long been at home in meeting rooms, offices and classrooms. They have also found a permanent home in living rooms and home cinemas. The obvious advantages of LED technology also convince discerning home cinema enthusiasts.


The idea of using LEDs as a light-generating unit in a projector is not new. In the early days, however, this technology lacked sufficient brightness for good projection. Over the years, LED technology has been greatly developed: The light intensity increased and the image quality improved accordingly. The triumphant advance of LED projectors has begun

Modern LED projectors are known above all as compact devices with amazing mobility. Mini LED project ors, for example, are already part of the obligatory contents of everyday business life in some briefcases. In offices and meeting rooms, LED projectors also score points as space-saving and quiet office projectors. In addition, LED projectors are ready for operation more quickly than their lamp counterparts. Don't wait any longer for the projector before a presentation, start right away! Even home cinema projectors with a conventional mercury projector lamp now have energy-saving competition in the form of LED projectors.

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very long service life of the light source


no need to change projector bulbs

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no additional costs for projector replacement lamps


low power consumption

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quieter than lamp projectors


quicker to use than a lamp projector

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very compact design for mobile projectors

Compared to conventional projectors with an energy-intensive mercury projector lamp, LED projectors consume significantly less electricity. If you also consider the long service life of LEDs, it quickly becomes clear that LED projectors are far superior to lamp projectors in terms of energy efficiency. Where the lamp of a home cinema projector goes out after only 3,000 - 4,000 operating hours, the LEDs of an LED projector continue to supply the device with light. This characteristic also makes them increasingly interesting for use in home cinema, as they can keep up with the service life of a TV set.

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LED projector for education

LED projector for your business

LED projector with Full HD, UHD and 3D

In terms of image resolution, LED projectors are in no way inferior to lamp projectors: High-resolution formats Full HD (1920 x 1080) and UHD (3840 x 2160) are represented here as well as the popular image resolution for presentations, WXGA (1280 x 800).

Some LED projector models can even project in 3D. Fans of 3D movies will find the right LED projector with 3D in our shop.

In principle, an LED projector works like a lamp projector with a DLP, LCD or SXRD chip. The only difference is that instead of a projector lamp, three LEDs in the primary colours red, green and blue are used. In laser-LED hybrid projectors, a blue laser generates the colour blue and, in combination with a phosphor wheel, the colour green.

LED is not an image-generating technology like LCD, 3LCD, DLP, LCoS or SXRD. The LED units used only replace the projector lamp. And that has many advantages.

LED projector in comparison


Mini LED projector

Mini LED projectors are compact devices for mobile use. Some mini projector models are even so small that they fit easily into a coat pocket. Although they do not have the light intensity of larger models by far, they surpass them with maximum mobility and the simplest handling of all. Are you on the road a lot with smaller presentations and lectures? Then buy a mini LED projector - a reliable companion.

Office LED projector

LED projectors have a very long service life. This means: hardly any maintenance and no additional costs for the purchase of new projector lamps. Especially in the business sector, this saves you a lot of time and money. Office LED projectors are not just for use in an office - conference rooms and meeting rooms are just as suitable for the economical performer. For use in larger, brighter rooms, however, we recommend LED Laser Hybrid projectors. They have a better light output.

LED Laser Hybrid Projector

The laser LED hybrid projectors are superior to the pure LED projectors in two characteristics: they usually have a better contrast and higher ANSI lumen values. Casio is one of the renowned manufacturers of LED laser hybrid projectors. The Japanese projector professional convinces with sophisticated technology and application-oriented design. Casio LED laser hybrid projectors are among the best in the education sector.

LED projector: Useful features

LED projectors come with numerous features and modern equipment. We present the most popular features.

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