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Samsung Electronics was founded in South Korea in 1969 and quickly developed into one of the world's leading technology groups. Samsung specialises in electronics, telecommunications and digital media. Since the 1980s, Samsung has established its presence in the global market and is now one of the largest manufacturers of technical devices.

Samsung's product range extends from smartphones, tablets and wearables to home appliances and audiovisual solutions such as touch and standalone displays, monitors, LED walls as well as speakers and soundbars. This diversity enables customers to access integrated technologies and a seamless user experience. Choosing Samsung products means choosing quality, durability, sustainability and innovation - factors that have always set the company apart from its competitors.


Discover the possibilities of the Samsung Flip!

The classic flipchart and traditional chalkboards have had their day. At the centre of a modern meeting, lecture or class is now a digital flipchart. With functions that make your work processes more efficient.

Samsung Product Highlights

Samsung Displays: Impressive images for signage and meeting rooms

Discover the diverse range of digital signage and interactive displays. Whether for outdoor advertising, video walls, meeting rooms or classrooms - in resolutions from Full HD to 8K UHD - Samsung offers digital screen solutions for every purpose. With their premium picture quality and impressive durability, Samsung's digital signage displays take the traditional viewing experience to a new level and help businesses present engaging, informative and entertaining content. Samsung Flip Displays provide educators with the tools they need to deliver a new, advanced way of learning. With multiple connectivity options, smart software and intuitive features, the Flip shows the way to the future of education.

Samsung touch displays are interactive screens that allow direct interaction with digital content. They are available in various sizes and designs and are suitable for use in educational institutions, businesses or public facilities. Samsungs Flip is known for its intuitive user interface, precise touch recognition and excellent image quality. Samsung Flips impress with their versatility, user-friendly features and ability to foster collaboration and creativity in businesses and schools.

Samsung Display Highlights

Samsung LED Walls at visunext

Samsung is renowned for its groundbreaking entertainment products and enjoys equal success in the field of digital signage. The company offers sophisticated and carefully designed LED wall solutions that are durable and easy to install. Samsung LED walls are ideal for indoor and outdoor use and offer superior advantages over conventional video walls, such as more brilliant colours, higher resolutions and impressive brightness. Rely on Samsung LED Walls to enhance your business or event with vibrant and engaging visual experiences.

The advantages of an LED Wall

What are the advantages of MicroLED technology?

MicroLED technology offers a number of compelling advantages over conventional surface-mounted device (SMD) technology for LED walls. Due to their significantly smaller size, MicroLEDs allow for higher pixel density, resulting in sharper images and improved detail reproduction. MicroLEDs also consume less energy than SMD LEDs, contributing to lower operating costs and greener performance.

In addition, MicroLED technology offers a wider colour gamut and more accurate colour reproduction, resulting in more vivid and realistic images. They produce deeper blacks and brighter whites, resulting in a higher contrast ratio and better picture quality. The fast response time of MicroLEDs reduces motion blur and enables smoother display of fast movements.

The longer lifetime of MicroLEDs compared to SMD LEDs is due to their smaller size and more efficient heat dissipation . In addition, MicroLEDs offer better viewing angles so that the image can still be seen clearly even from extreme angles. Finally, the risk of burn-in during prolonged static display of content is reduced due to the better heat dissipation of MicroLEDs compared to SMD LEDs. Overall, MicroLED technology is a convincing alternative to SMD technology and offers numerous advantages for LED walls.

Samsung monitors at visunext

As one of the market leaders in monitors, Samsung offers an impressive range of models that stand out from the competition with outstanding features. The Korean manufacturer presents first-class curved monitors, UHD monitors as well as special business and gaming monitors that are tailored to the individual needs and requirements of users. With a size range from 22" to 49", Samsung sets new standards in terms of picture quality, design and performance, so there is the perfect model for every user. Choose Samsung monitors and benefit from outstanding technology and impressive visual experiences.

Samsung offers the right monitor for every need and application. The A- and J-series with UHD and WQHD monitors impress with their outstanding picture quality that enables razor-sharp and detailed images - ideal for demanding users who expect the best from work to entertainment.

For passionate gamers, the Odyssey series offers dedicated gaming monitors with lightning-fast response times, high refresh rate and impressive contrast ratio to take the gaming experience to a new level.

The F-Series includes Full HD monitors that combine outstanding picture quality and cost efficiency, perfect for everyday use in both home and business environments.

The C Series showcases innovative curved monitors that offer an immersive viewing experience by expanding the field of view for immersive entertainment and comfortable work.

The M7 and M8 Series include smart monitors that offer seamless connectivity and multiple entertainment options by combining the features of a traditional monitor with those of a smart TV - the ideal solution for multifunctional work and living spaces.

For professionals, the T Series provides high-quality monitors designed for reliability, ergonomics and accurate colour reproduction - ideal for demanding design, photography and video editing tasks.

Choose Samsung monitors for outstanding technology, stunning visual experiences and a wide range of models to suit every need.

Samsung Monitor Highlights

Samsung projector: immersive experience at home!

Aimed specifically at the home entertainment market, Samsung's laser TV projectors are an impressive alternative to conventional televisions in the home. For a pristine, high-definition picture, it is recommended to combine a Samsung laser TV projector with a high-contrast screen. This combination guarantees a vivid, crisp viewing experience that will impress even the most discerning viewers. Aside from the wealth of practical features, Samsung projectors also boast an attractive, elegant design that will make them an eye-catching addition to any living room. Choose Samsung projectors to take your home entertainment to the next level and enjoy premium picture quality, functionality and design.

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