Epson 3LCD technology for impressive pictures

3LCD technology is Epson's proprietary projection technology for crisp, brilliant and bright images. Lifelike colours for your projection!

What advantages does 3LCD technology offer?

The 3LCD technology provides particularly high white and colour brightness. Even in bright rooms, you get clear images and stunning colours. All highlights here at a glance!

  • Clear pictures
  • Rich, full colours
  • smooth movements
  • Bright pictures even in high ambient light
  • Shades and gradients even with dark pictures
  • No flickering, no rainbow effect
  • Up to 3x brighter colours
  • 25% more energy efficient than non-3LCD projectors
  • Low operating costs
  • Gentle on the eyes
  • Low noise level
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How does 3LCD technology work?

Projectors using the 3LCD (3-Panel Liquid Crystal Display System) technology use three LCD chips. Dichroic mirrors ensure that the white light of the lamp is split into the three basic colors, red, green and blue. These are each sent through one of the three LCD panels and brought together again using a prism. Then the image is projected through the lens onto the screen.
Since the red, green and blue light are each sent through a separate panel, all colours are included in each pixel of the projection image. This provides you with rich, full colours and images with smooth movements. The projection with 3LCD is particularly suitable if you want to present your photos on a big screen.

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